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Welcome to the Speciality show for Staffordshire bullterriers and American Staffordshire terriers 22.7.2017 in Keuruu, Finland
The show is held in Central Finland: Keurusselän liikuntapuisto, Keurusseläntie 14, Keuruu
For each breed: The official classes and also Baby Puppy class from 5 to less than 7 months, Puppy class from 7 to less than 9 months and the Progeny class will be judged at the Show.
Staffie bitches, BOB, BOB breeder,
Gillian McDermott, Great-Britain
Staffie males, BOB-VET, BOB-puppy, BOB progeny class,
Miguel Navarro, Espanja
Amstaffies Aleksandar Markovic,Serbia. 
Groups: BIS puppy and BIS progeny Miguel Navarro
BIS VET and BIS Breeder Aleksandar Markovic
Best In show Gillian McDermott
Staffie judges will be standing in for each other.
The judging starts at 10:00 a.m.
Latest date for entry is 22.6.
SBTY speciality show 2017, PL 50, 02771 Espoo.
Online entry only for the members of Staffordshire bullterrier association or American staffordshire terrier association: 
Entry fees:
22.6. the latest 30€, same owner 2 dogs or more; dog 25€,  puppies and veterans 25€, over 10 year old veteran free of charge.
Non member of SBTY association:
40€ / dog
Account FI7980001401506655
Reference number: 22075. 
Enquiries of online entries: 
other enquiries: Jenni Halminen,,
Phone: +358 40 588 8952.
DNA-testing: L2HGA, HC & ataxia
you have a possibility to have a DNA test taken from your dog at the Show. A veterinarian will be present from 11 am to 2 pm.
If you wish to participate in the DNA tests, you will have to make an order in advance for the test package. The veterinarian will take the test free of charge.
Here you have the detailed description of how to make an order for L2HGA- and HC test packages: 
Please do notice that it will take few weeks for the package to arrive, so make sure you place an order early enough.
Ataxia testing: 55€/dog.
Information required: Name of the dog, register number, chip number, date of birth.
Owner’sname, address, e-mail address and phone number.
Latest date for entry is 22.6. Please attach PAYMENT RECEIPT to your entry and send it to 
Payment 55€ to account Aktia FI2640552020149052. Message: ATAKSIA.
Participating to the test will require that the owner will deliver an ataxia certificate to the breeding committee.