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Jubilee Year 2014

Join our Jubilee Year celebration in August 2014

In 2014 it will be 50 years since the first Staffordshire Bull Terriers came to Finland. We have planned a super week to celebrate this and would like to welcome all the Stafford enthusiastics around the world to join the celebration! All events are held close to Helsinki.

Aug 6th World Terrier Show
American Staffordshire Terriers: Gerard Cox, Ireland (reserve Laura Cox, Irelad)
Staffordshire Bull Terriers: juniors, veterans: Hans Lehtinen, Finland (reserve Thomas Hehir), others: Thomas Hehir, Ireland (reserve Laura Cox)
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Aug 7th Speciality show for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers 
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Aug 8th Staffordshire Bull Terrier Symposium & Banquet
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Aug 9th World Winner Show 2014, FCI3 Terriers

Dog shows in Finland during August 1st - 17th in 2014