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Ann Goddard, Iso-Britannia

Ann Goddard arvostelee staffiurokset sekä valitsee staffien ROP-koiran ja ROP-kasvattajan. Lisäksi Goddard valitsee näyttelyn parhaan jälkeläisryhmän ja veteraanin.

Our lovely breed first became a major passion in my life when I was 20 and has continued to be an ongoing part.

I have been fortunate along with my late husband George in campaigning two champion dogs to their titles and breeding several stud book winning bitches including 3 reserve CC winners.

The show world has not been the only part of my involvement with the Stafford as I have been an Officer of the Notts & Derby District SBTC  in most capacities and am currently a committee  member.

I first awarded CCs in 1991 and have been privileged to have had 13 judging appointments at Championship Level in the UK and overseas appointments in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I am currently looking forward to another judging appointment in South Africa in May this year. I have attended the requisite seminars and passed the KC exam for Requirements of a Dog Show Judge.

It is an honour to have been invited to judge at your Specialty Show on 7th August this year and I am looking forward to the occasion.


Tammy Price, USA

Tammy Price arvostelee näyttelyssä amstaffit sekä valitsee BIS-koiran.

Greetings Stafford People,

My name is Tammy Price, I have been asked to judge your breed specialty in August. My husband, Randy and I are breeders, owners, and exhibitors of the American Staffordshire Terriers. I have been in the breed for over 20 years although this is not my first or my only breed. I enjoy all dogs regardless of the breed but have a special admiration for the American Staffordshire terrier. In my opinion, the loyalty and intelligence of this breed is unsurpassed. Speaking as a judge, it is important to me that the American Staffordshire terrier possesses first and foremost breed type. It is a bull and terrier cross, so should possess the traits of both without leaning to much one way or the other. This is a keenly alert dog of stable temperament. He should be confident without being quarrelsome, should be energetic without being hyperactive. This is an animal of high moral fiber, which is trainable and loving to his family and friends. Properly trained and handled there is no better companion. I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing many wonderful examples of our breed at your specialty. Thank you for the invitation.


Dr Archie Bryden, Iso-Britannia 

Archie Bryden arvostelee näyttelyssä staffinartut sekä valitsee staffien ROP-pennun, ROP-veteraanin ja ROP-jälkeläisryhmän. Lisäksi hän valitsee näyttelyn parhaan kasvattajaryhmän ja pennun. Dr Bryden on myös yksi symposiumin luennoitsijoista.

In partnership with my late wife Marlene, I commenced exhibiting Staffordshire Bull Terriers in 1981 under our ‘Gantocks’ affix. Since then I have been breeding and exhibiting continually. We also exhibited a Miniature Pincher for several years.

I commenced my judging career in 1986 and first awarded CCs to Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK in 1994. I have, to date, completed ten appointments at Championship Show level in the UK. I have awarded CCs or equivalent to Staffords in Ireland (four times), Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, USA, Canada, South Africa (twice), France and Australia.

In Ireland I also award Green Stars to Border Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers, and West Highland White Terriers. I have judged the Terrier Group at Open Shows on several occasions and have done most terriers at this level.

I have been a committee member of the North West SBTC since 1986, PublicityOfficer 1986 - 1992, Vice Chairman 1992 -1994, and Chairman 1994 to date. I havebeen a Club delegate to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Council of Great Britainand Northern Ireland since 1990 and was Council Public Relations Officer 1991 -1994. Currently I am SBT Lead Health Co-ordinator.

In addition I am a member of the Kennel Club, the Scottish Kennel Club, National Terrier Club and several SBT Breed Clubs. Previously I was a member of the nowdefunct Pro Dogs National Charity Advisory Panel.

I have been a contributor to ‘The Stafford’ magazine for many years and also write for Our Dogs canine weekly.


Kaisa Metteri-Gold

Kaisa Metteri-Gold on näyttelyissä varalla molemmille roduille. Arvosteltavat luokat varmistuvat kun ilmoitettujen koirien määrä on selvillä.

Rakkauteni rotuun on alkanut staffien myötä jo 70-luvun alussa, jolloin perheeseemme saapui staffiherra Nero. Ensimmäinen oma koirani oli yhtälailla staffi. 90-luvun puolessa välissä sain tutustua ensimmäisiin suomeen tuotuihin amstaffeihin, ja tämän jälkeen oli rotuvalintani seuraavaksi koiraksi selvä. Amstaffini kanssa harrastin ja kilpailin alkuun tottelevaisuus- ja rauniopuolella, mutta vähitellen näyttelyt veivät voiton.

Ensimmäinen amstaffipentue Masterbolt-kennelnimelle syntyi vuonna 1997 ja pentueita on kertynyt vuosien varrella 24 kappaletta. Kasvattajana uran kohokohtia ovat olleet kutsu arvostella, ensimmäisenä Eurooppalaisena kasvattajana, rodun kotimaan erikoisnäyttelyn sweepstakes-luokkia. 

Nyt odotan innolla edessä olevia uusia haasteita tuomarina.